New to bowling? Go out on a LIMB! Learn.Improve.Master.Bowling

If you've never bowled before it's a great time to learn! Don't worry, we can teach you. We offer Learn2Bowl sessions where bowling newbies can come out intimidation free and learn from our patient certified coaches. Our next Learn2Bowl session: Well we haven't figured that out yet, but one will be coming very soon!

In the mean time, here are some tips and a video to get you going!

:: Always keep your head up. Look where you want to aim. Just as in driving, where you look is where the ball is going to go.

:: Like the tip above, keep your feet and legs facing the pins. It will allow you keep optimum power and excellent control in your delivery (release of the ball).

:: Get a grip! Keeping a firm grip on the ball is important. If you lose grip, the ball could go flying backwards injuring others behind you, or go flying forwards and do damage to the bowling lanes and equipment. Plus it's embarassing hehe. Keep it fun, keep it safe!

:: Extend your arm and keep your wrists locked. This will ensure they wont twist resulting in a ball going off target or the blasted gutter.

:: We don't have holes in our balls. This makes them easier to handle in your hand and avoids any pressure on your fingers. This can be an advantage.

:: Right handed? Position your body towards the right part of the lane as you will tend to throw to the left. Left handed? Keep towards the left part of the alley as you will tend to throw to the right. As always make sure you watch out for the ball returns.

:: Keep your outside shoes for outside. Bowling shoes are required for the safety of all others using the lanes and they prevent damage to the wood. We have rental shoes available (up to size 16) and you must wear socks. If you don't have socks you can purchase some at the front desk. Our Pro Centre also has shoes available for sale.

Serious about bowling? Practice, practice, practice!

The most important lesson - HAVE FUN!!

Here are some common terms on the alleys.

Lane Terminology:

Approach Terminology:

4 Tips to Lane Etiquette:

1. When two bowlers are ready to throw a ball at the same time, allow the person to your right to throw first. Stand back of the lane.

2. Don't loft the ball. Lofting is throwing the ball in the air and allowing it to drop on the lane. This distracts others and damages the lane.

3. Don't take drinks or food onto the lane.

4. When you aren't bowling, please stay off the lanes.

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